Costs and deposit

Wonen MVM do you charge an application fee and no contract costs like many other rental brokers do in The Hague. Only a successful mediation is a mediation fee included equal to 1 months rent (excl.19% VAT), unless otherwise indicated thereon. When only indirect costs are included, this is a 250.00 excluding VAT. We are therefore based on "NO CURE NO PAY".

In general, the landlord asks for a deposit, this deposit of 1 to 2 months rent (no VAT charged on the deposit). This deposit is to sign the contract to MVM Living B.V. to be met, then Housing M.V.M. B.V. your deposit within 7 days will have to make on the landlord of your new home. Upon termination of the lease the landlord will ensure follow-up to this guarantee. The deadline for this state shall not exceed 2 months.

We want you to notice that many of the homes we offer no housing benefit possible.